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You can use the following Thesis statement generator to create your thesis statement from the topic and claims.

This thesis statement generator is for a persuasive thesis or argumentative essay/thesis where you make a claim and give reasons to support this claim (which may be supported with research).

Thesis Statement Generator Tool

You can learn more about thesis statements below.

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a sentence that explains your perspective on the main idea of your paper. The main motive of your thesis statement should be to convey the key message of the paper you are writing. Your thesis statement should not only inform your reader about the topic of your paper, but it should also serve as a guide for your writing and keep your argument focused.

How long should a thesis statement be?

A thesis statement summarizes your ideas into one or two sentences. It should introduce your paper’s topic and express an opinion about your perspective on the topic.

Persuasive/ Argumentative Thesis Statement

The persuasive thesis statement or argumentative essay/thesis statement is a statement where you make a claim and give reasons to support this claim (which may be supported with research).

How to write a persuasive thesis statement?

You can follow the following steps to write your best thesis statement.

1. Finalize the topic you are writing about.

Before writing a thesis statement you should be clear about the topic you are writing.

2. State the main idea about the topic

This will be the central theme of your thesis. The whole content of the thesis will revolve around the main idea you are writing about.

• A good statement will express one main point.
• identify the subject and make a precise claim about it.
• be more specific than the above-mentioned topic statement
· take a stand on an issue where people can disagree.
• express your viewpoint on the topic or your perspective about it.

3. State the most convincing reason or claim in support of your main idea or opinion.

4. Support your opinion/main concept with another solid argument.

5. If applicable, include an opposing viewpoint to your core idea or position.

Tips to write a good thesis statement

While writing a thesis statement make sure you put the following points in your mind.

  • Try to start your thesis with the thesis statement. Dont bury the statement in the middle of the paragraph or to the end of your paper.
  • Focus on a single idea about the topic. Writing about multiple ideas makes the thesis unfocused and weak.
  • Dont use ambiguous/unclear phrases
  • Try to be as precise and specific as possible.
  • Show the main point of your paper in the statement, but avoid phrases like “The main point of my paper is…” or “The main idea of my paper is …”
  • Avoid using technical terms and jargons unless you are writing a technical report. Use them only if you are confident that your readers will understand them.
  • Do not use vague and abstract words.

With these tips, you can create a great thesis statement for your thesis.

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